the sweet round bread with dates

basically...the recipe for MEEDO in TFL ...i take it and add my sourdough and do it

it was sooo great recipe

thank u a lot MEEDO

For the dough

five and half cups all purpose flour

one and half cup wheat bran

250g of sourdough

one teaspoon yeast

half teaspoon baking soda

quarter cup of sugar

third cup of date molasses

one cup pitted dates socked in 1 cup of boiling water ...let it cool before use it).

three quarter cup of water

In a small bowel mix together

tow tablespoons boiling water

tow teaspoons sugar

half teaspoon baking soda

......Toasted sesame seeds.....

..some of chocolate chips..

To make the dough mix the entire ingredient, knead the dough for 10 minutes. Place it in a bowl, cover, let rest for 1 hour

Divide dough into 16 pieces,Shape each into a s

mooth ball

Flat each to make a flat round square, then brush each with the (sugar and baking soda mixture), make indents with fingertips

sprinkle with sesame seeds, Place on baking s

heet, Cover let rise 30 minutes

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.or until it golden brown

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