The July 2009, Walima Challenge

The July 2009, Challenge is brought to us by Chahira Daoud from http://chahirakitchen.blogspot.com/ Chahira worked on two recipes to give us two choices; one for a wonderful savoury dish and one for dessert....

thank u for this choices it's very delicious and healthy... I made the koshary by Syrian touches ... cause we have similar recipe..
it's Mogadara.. we can make it by rice or burgul.
and when we make it wit
h rice and lentils ...
we put the
chopped onions in and some out ..
and the rice we
cooke it with the lentils boiling water .. .
so i made the Nesrin's w
ay.... and the surprise is in aldakka >>>:O >>>:D ....
it;s lovely .. i was made it one time before
but not with Chahira way ...
nd now i will cooke it allways :)
then we test the perfect basbousa at all... thank u Chahira it's realy good .....

at first I fried the onions
with olive oil

then add the l

then the water

when the l
entils is done
i take that water and make my rice with it
then combine all together

the ingredients as Chahira told us.......:

1 cup brown lentils
1 cup rice (Egyptian rice)
1/8 kg ditalini pasta

For the fried onions :
2 big onions and some oil for frying it.
About a 1/4 cup of vegetable oil.

r the salsa or tomatoes sauce:-

2 cups tomato juice.
1good onion chopped very finely.

3 garlic cloves, finely crushed.
1 TBS vinegar (white vinegar).
vegetable oil, salt, pepper, cumin, hot chili.

For Dakka:- a cumin, vinegar, garlic sauce

2 TBS cumin seeds crashed
Half a cup of vinegar
Half a cup of hot water
1tsp of hot chili- salt and pepper
4 garlic clovesHow to prepare it:-

Cook lentils in salted water until tender.
In a rice pan stir the washed rice in a tablespoon of vegetable oil then cover it wi
th water put some salt and let it cooked till boiling then Cook it on a very low flame until tender.
Cook macaroni, strain, rinse, and strain again.
Place these three ingredients in a cooking pot.
Fry onions (in a
separate pan) to a brown , then remove the onions onto absorbent paper and strain the oil into the lentil /rice/pasta mixture. Return the pot to the flame and cook for 7-10 minutes, keep the flame always low.

To prepare tomato sauce:-

Saute onions until soft, then add garlic and fry to a pale brown. Add tomato juice and simmer for 15-20 minutes, until sauce is cooked and becomes thick . Add vinegar and seasonings and cook 2-3 minutes longer.

To prepare Dakka:-

Take garlic cloves and hit th
em with the end of the knife, but don't break them up. Add into white vinegar and water mix. Add some cumin and coriander into the vinegar as well as salt and pepper and hot chili. Stir and let it aside.Serve the dish by topping each individual plate "rice/pasta/lentil" with tomato sauce and fried onions. Sprinkle it with some whole cooked chickpeas.
Serve it with a bowl full of Dakka so you can add from it the quantity you need in your plate.


One of the most famous dessert dishes in Egypt, you can find it in other Arabic countries but with different tastes and different flavors as well as different names.
I am presenting to you this time the Egyptian

The ingredients:-

2 and half cups of fine Semolina flourA half cup of all purpose flour
1 and half TBLSof baking powder.
A half cup of coconut
A 3/4 cup of ghee " natural ghee" or you can use
butter instead of it but you have to make it one full cup "softened at room temperature".
1tsp of vanilla.
One cup of yogurt.
Half cup of sugar.

For the syrup:-

2 and half cups of sugar
2 and half cups of water
1 tbls of lemon juice.

Tahini and some butt
er to grease the baking tray.

How to prepare it:-

Mix the semolina- flour- baking powder- coconut- sugar- butter or ghee- yogurt- vanilla, mix it well with your hands, don't be afraid it will not bite you….LOL
Just to feel the batter and to enjoy it as I always do.
Grease very well you
r baking tray with a mix of butter and tahini, you can use just Tahini.
Pour your basbouusa dough and spread it using your hand to cover and fit your baking tray.
Garnish it with nuts and candied cherries, it is
up to you, I love it with walnuts, hazelnuts and candied cherries. Take care and insert your nuts or fruits very well by pushing it down.
your basbouusa tray for 6 or 7 hours before baking it.

To prepare the syrup:-

In a pan put the sugar with the water , on the stove stir it until the sugar crystals dissappear then let the spoon and a
dd the lemon juice, let it boil till it reaches the thread point stage , add some vanilla . Keep it warm when pouring it over the basbouusa tray, it should be hot too.
Bake basbo
ussa in a preheated oven on 230C or from middle to middle high temp.
Pour the warm or hot syrup over the hot basbouusa tray.

this is my photos ... wich you will like it .....cause we are love it ..:)

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Touria يقول...

so delicious

Chahira Daoud يقول...

بصى بقه يا هااانم يا شاميه انتى....
انا مش معترفه نهائيا بالكشرى ده...يعنى تبقى فضيحه لو قلت طبق كشرى بزيت زيتون...يعنى يا دوبك الغلابه هنا يلاقوا زيت عااادى يطبخوا بيه الطبخه دى و حضرتك رايحه تعمليه بزيت زيتون...ابو 40 جنيه الكيلو..حرام ده و لا حلال؟؟؟
اما البسبوسه..فانا معترفه بيها جدا جدا جدا جدا.....مصرى اوى.....ابعتى لى بقه طبق و اديكى عارفه سكة الأراميكس...يالااااااا يا نووووسه !!!

ღ♥ღ alyaman ღ♥ღ يقول...

شكرا يا Touria

شكرا لتشريفك لي الف شكر

ღ♥ღ alyaman ღ♥ღ يقول...

شكرا يا شوشو
يا شوشو انا قلت من الاول اني رح اعمل كشري سوري
وانا ماكنت حابة اقول انو عملته ب
extra virgin olive oil

بس خلاص المرة الجاية ما رح اكون مبذرة كل هالشي
بعملة بشوية زيت نباتي

بس بكل الاحوال انا بشكر مرورك وتعليقك الرائع
الف شكر يا شوشتي

Alice يقول...

Looks delicious! Great job Nesrin!

ღ♥ღ Hello every body ღ♥ღ

i hope to spend good time with my blog